Sira Alternative Medicine News and Private Research about Covid

Dear Friends, clients and professionals into Alternative Medicine,

Today MHRA approved a new drug against Covid, so hopefully we will have more choice in the near future to decide about our own health and our own rights.

Today, I felt the need to write on my personal blog about the  importance of positive Energy in relation to Alternative Medicine. Whilst I’m working and studying more about Energy, I notice that unfortunately, there is not enough research and data carried out with the link between Energy and other types of medicine. It came to my particular attention, through cases that I observed, that due to the Coronavirus, certain patients were showing strong issues with Qi / Chi deficiency and unbalanced Chakras.

It is very long to describe all my personal research in one page , but I have recently treated 10 patients. Each of these 10 patients, said that they had all previously had Coronavirus. In respect to them having Coronavirus, I noticed the following effects on their Energy.

Regarding unbalanced Chakras:

All ten people had completely blocked Chakras in the;-

Crown chakra 

Third Eye Chakra

Throat Chakra 

All ten cases were also vaccinated people.

The Crown Chakra is connected with the unknown and external universal energy etc.

Stress or Trauma can also affect the Crown and Third eye Chakra 

Regarding Chinese Medicine:

According to Dr. Engin Zhang and I, the most important part of fighting external pathogens, is to promote the flow of Qi. Specifically this can be achieved by;-

  1. Ventilating the lung to dispel pathogenic factors.
  2. Ventilating the lung to promote the flow of Qi.
  3. Clear away pathogenic heat in the chest etc.

In a few words, the common cold, pharyngitis, bronquitis, bronchiectasis and OTHER DISEASES marked by EXOPATHOGEN can be treated by modified recipes.

Conclusion according to Dr. Zhang: “The upper agents have different functions and scopes of application, but in specific applications, one should be selected based on the specific condition of each patient, which can be flexibly added or subtracted; or several prescriptions can be combined to enhance the efficacy”

I believe that some people can have different symptoms, so it  is absolutely important to update and modify an individual formula.

In terms of Chakras, I found some similarity in all the cases and presently Im researching the reason why.

The main way to deal with a Pathogen, is by clearing it away quickly, so it cannot replicate and spread.

About my theory of Chakras, in relation to Coronavirus, my research is still ongoing and much more data and research is needed in the future. 

I hope you enjoyed my short blog.Please feel free to comment via my Email address.

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