Sira Alternative Land News

September 2022

Dear Friends and Clients,

After one year on from the start of this project, and casually keeping an eye on things from’ time to time’, the land is now very fertile; and many of the seeds have grown organically and naturally. The first sign of seeds growing successfully, was the spouting of Camomile and Calendula. The land is located between Granada and Alicante Airport, in a beautiful village on the top of the mountains, Los Vélez. You can often see eagles soaring above the mountainside, high up in the sky. This year, we had a lot of rainfall, making the maintenance much easier; and nature itself did an incredible job! In summer time, the land needs some extra attention, such as watering the newly planted, young trees. However, there are some varieties of plants and seeds that can grow naturally with limited rain; Lavender, Aloe, Rosemary. Thyme etc.

Almond Trees have been thriving for decades on the land, and with a source of plentiful almonds, I decided to produce a small batch of organic almond oil with a special machine press. You can see the results in the picture above. If you wish to know some more details, just drop me an email and I will keep you updated with details of my new range of organic oils etc.

Kind Regards