Second Official Newsletter from ‘Sira Alternative Medicine’

Dear Friends and Customers,

I’m glad to announce that Sira Alternative Medicine reopened at Marshall Leisure Centre last Thursday the 17th of September.

However, there are certain regulations that you must read before coming to the Centre.

  1. Please remember to bring your own bottle of water.
  2. I will provide antibacterial soap so remember to wash your hands.
  3. Masks: All are instructed to wear a mask. However, some people are exempt such as those with acute breathing problems or severe anxiety. If you believe you are exempt, tell me prior to the treatment.
  4. If you have some symptoms related to COVID, please let me know before coming to the Leisure Centre to avoid the spread of the virus. We can discuss your symptoms via Email, messaging or a phone call.
  5. Cancelations at the very last minute are acceptable for a good reason, but please, remember the cancellation policy, If you can’t attend, please let me know 48 hrs in advance so I can replace your booking and help other clients. Unfortunately, appointments cancelled at the last minute without a reason or excuse may incur a fee.
  6. ‘Walk in’ appointments are unfortunately no longer permitted.
  7. When you enter reception, please make sure to tell them that you have a pre-booked appointment with ‘Sira Alternative Medicine’.
  8. Treatments will be 55 minutes maximum per booking.
  9. Bring your best smile, I will 🙂

What treatments will be available?

All the Treatments will be available including Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Herbal Formulas.

Welcome Back


Im also glad to announce that I am hoping to continue delivering my treatments on Fridays within the Greenwich area.

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