Official Newsletter about the Virus and Sira Alternative Medicine

Dear Friends and Customers,

How are you?

It has taken me some time, to figure out the new course of  action regarding my business and Alternative Medicine.

Unfortunately, ‘Marshall Street Leisure Centre’ will be closed until further notice. However, I will be available to support you at ‘King’s Cross Herbal Centre’ next Thursday from 12 till 5pm and the Greenwich area within the next ten days on Tuesday’s and  Friday’s. If you can’t attend either of these places, hopefully I can rearrange home visits, for urgent cases. I will also be online  on my Facebook and Internet links from time to time, sharing some tips for boosting your Immune System and your Wellbeing .  Feel free to contact me on my mobile number, or email address.

What treatments will be available?

I will continue delivering Energy, Healing with Sound, Acupuncture, Trauma Recovery and my very own treatment ‘Sira Reiki and Chi Energy Treatment’.

I will not include  Acupressure Treatment such as Therapeutic Massage at the moment.

Herbal Formulas will also be available, provided  and supervised with one of my teachers in Chinese Medicine ‘Dr. Zhang’ UK President of Chinese Medicine.

We have two weeks herbal formulas available, which are effective for symptoms like pneumonia, fatigue etc.

How to help prevent the new virus?

Vitamin C, natural still water and Echinacea Tea or Echinacea Tablets.

Wash your hands in antibacterial soap or liquid and wear a mask in places that are crowded or where there is not enough ventilation E.G  The Underground’.

Maintaining a healthy diet that includes green vegetables, garlic and  lemon for antibacterial purposes is also recommended.

What about your subconscious mind and emotional state?

Fear: Try to remain calm and avoid spending too long watching TV and Social Media.Yes, it can be helpful to know of important updates, but not for 24 hrs! Please remember, that your “mind” is powerful. Empower yourself with positive thoughts and ideas. Make plans and goals for things you haven’t yet achieved, but wish you had done.

Hopefully by building up positive waves and channels within your mind,  you can conquer, then remove the fear and negativity, that appears to be manifesting through recent events.

See you soon!



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